Elan Recovery + Wellness Rolls Out New Opioids Addiction Treatment Program in South Florida

Elan Recovery + Wellness

Elan Recovery + Wellness is standing against the opioid epidemic by providing evidence-based programs for individuals seeking treatment. Elan’s program to treat opioid addiction has been designed to help participants achieve long-term recovery.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), there are over 90 people who die each day in the U.S. from an opioid overdose.

We have a serious health crisis on our hands with the opioid epidemic in this country. Addiction to opioids can touch all demographics. We are here to help people enjoy their life free from addiction to drugs.

Bob Lehmann, CEO of Elan Recovery + Wellness

“We have a serious health crisis on our hands with the opioid epidemic in this country,” said Bob Lehmann, chief executive officer of Elan Recovery + Wellness, located in North Palm Beach, Florida. Lehmann understands the needs of the community and is looking to help those fighting addiction as well as offering guidance to friends and family members who may be looking for a way to help their loved ones. 

Elan’s program is data-driven, outcome focused, and evidence-based. Certified and trained clinicians concentrate on long-term recovery and wellness, understanding that no single treatment is appropriate for everyone. Focused care and treatment interventions are implemented so clients receive the personalized care needed for success and to prevent future relapses.

“Addiction to opioids can touch all demographics,” added Lehmann. “We are here to help people enjoy their life free from addiction to drugs.”

The goals of this program is to help advocate for life-lasting health and wellness. Programs include individual and group therapy, social reinforcement, addressing underlying emotional issues, and relapse prevention. Valor Christian Rehab Program, offering a faith-based approach to addiction recovery.

About Elan Recovery + Wellness
Located in North Palm Beach, Florida, Elan Recovery + Wellness is a 52-bed addiction treatment and wellness center. Experienced professionals lead the way in addressing addiction to help clients achieve life-long success. Programs are data-driven, outcome-focused, evidence-based, and help people plan for long-term life success. The multi-disciplined approach to overcoming addiction also addresses the emotional reasons that often fuel it, further helping to reduce chances of relapse. For more information on Elan Recovery + Wellness, visit the site at http://www.elanrw.com or contact: 

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